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Hickory Hollow

Seasonal Items


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Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle is a must for Santa collectors. His fancy flannel clothing and craggy painted face make him a treasure. Santa carries a primitive wreath in one hand and has a cinnamon gingerbread cookie and Annie in his pocket for good children. Flannel fabric may vary.
Price 30.00

Jingles Cloth Snowman

Jingles Snowman is an 18-in. tall snowman made from tea-dyed batting with rusted jingle bell buttons down the front. His long flannel tie keeps him warm; he has stick arms and a clay nose. He is weighted and will stand anywhere you want to place him for a special touch all through the winter. Fabric color may vary.
Price 22.00

Hangin' Around Cloth Snowman

This cute cloth snowman is happy to hang around with your winter decorations. He is 16-in. tall and is ready to sweep snow with his broom. Scarf, gloves and hat fabric may vary.
Price 15.00

Americana Santa

This 25-in. patriotic Americana Santa cloth doll waves his flag and carries a Christmas tree. The tree is decorated with a rusted tin star. Americana Santa is dressed in his best flannel suit. Fabric may vary from picture.
Price 25.00